Hair replacement for women

Designer Hair Co will help you get rid of the fear, anxiety by drastically improving your hair, leaving you feeling and looking fantastic!

Leaving you feeling and looking fantastic!




I am so happy with my hair extensions from Designer Hair Co. Their friendly customer service and hair quality is unrivalled to anyone one else I have used in the past.
I would highly recommended to anyone wanting hair extensions.

We receive calls every day from women in denial about the causes of their hair loss "I bleached my hair" or "a few years ago I had a bad perm". Unless there has been damage to the skin where scarring has occurred the chances are it's a form of hair loss and it's easy to recognise the difference.

People often say it's unusual for women to lose their hair. This is not the case. The statistics are 1 in 6 women will experience some kind of hair loss. At Designer Hair Co, women account for 50% of all our clients.

The most common reason for hair loss amongst women are genetic factors but there are many other factors for hair loss, such as hair being mistreated, due to childbirth and stress. Additionally using many chemical products can be a reason for the hair loss as well. Straightening as well as curling hair on a regular basis will leave the hair unhealthy and dry, which will then become brittle and break.

The symptoms for hair loss in women is slightly different to that of men. Women experience a general thinning all over as well as a small amount of hair loss around the hairline and at the crown.

It can be traumatic and the psychological damage should not be underestimated. For many women, hair is used to express femininity and the loss of it can be embarrassing as well as distressing.

Below are just a few of our satisfied customers. Unless you knew, nobody would know they were wearing a Designer hair System.

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